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Participants give it a ‘tri’ in Big Cypress

Moses Jumper Jr., also known as Bigg Shot (front, in sunglasses and white hat) is at the fishing dock outside of his house in Big Cypress with other participants after the fishing portion of the Triathlon Tournament. He stands next to his grandson, Talen Jumper. (Damon Scott photo)

BIG CYPRESS — Big Cypress Recreation hosted the Triathlon Tournament on Aug. 11 at three locations on the reservation. The three-sport event was sponsored by the Chairman’s Office.

Up first was the fishing competition, which started at 6 a.m. and continued until noon, when the live fish had to be at the dock in front of Moses Jumper Jr.’s house for weigh-ins. It was at that time that Michelle Osceola and Cicero Osceola, Tribalwide special events coordinators for the Chairman’s Office, drew the winning names for a raffle.

Participants won cash prizes, gift certificates and fishing-related gear.

Although a heavy rain storm rolled in and lingered after the fishing competition, participants eventually competed in an archery battle at Billie Johns Ballfield, where they were also treated to lunch.
The final leg of the competition took place at the Big Cypress Billiards for the pool shoot out. Kids who participated in the fishing and archery received gifts.

The results were as follows:

Senior men’s fishing
Singles – 1st place: Moses Jumper Jr.; 2nd place: Joe Frank; and 3rd place: Efrain Marrero Jr.
Doubles – 1st place: Joe Frank/Efrain Marrero Jr.; and 2nd Place: Moses Jumper Jr.

Men’s fishing
Singles – 1st place: Robert Hill; 2nd place: Heath C. Bert; 3rd place Tony S. Bert; and 4th place: Brian Billie.
Doubles – 1st place: Robert Hill/Tony C. Bert; and 2nd place: Brian Billie/Heath C. Bert.

Senior men’s archery
Doubles – 1st place: Moses Jumper Jr./Joe Frank; and 2nd place: David R. Cypress/Charlie Cypress.
Singles – 1st place: Charlie Cypress; 2nd place: Joe Frank; 3rd place: Moses Jumper Jr.; and 4th place: David R. Cypress.

Men’s archery
Doubles – 1st place: Jason Grasshopper/Tony S. Bert; and 2nd place: Gary B. Frank/Heath C. Bert.
Singles – 1st place: Jason Grasshopper; 2nd place: Heath C. Bert; 3rd place: Tony S. Bert; and 4th place: Gary B. Frank.

Women’s archery
1st place: Jennifer Chadwick

Senior men’s billiards
Singles – 1st place: Roy Snow; 2nd place: David R. Cypress; 3rd place: Joe J. Billie; and 4th place: Moses Jumper Jr.

Senior women’s billiards
Singles – 1st place: Laura Clay; 2nd place: Esther Buster; and 3rd place Dale Grasshopper.

Women’s billiards
Singles – 1st place: Claudia M. Jumper; 2nd place: Nadine Bowers; and 3rd place: Randee Osceola.

Men’s billiards
Singles – 1st place: Charles A Osceola; 2nd place: Robert Hill; 3rd place: Idly J Garcia; and 4th place: Tony S. Bert.

Talen Jumper shows off a garfish he caught during the triathlon competition. (Damon Scott photo)
Damon Scott
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