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Osceola family honored by Collier County Commission

Osceola familyNAPLES — The Collier County Board of County Commissioners honored the Osceola family Nov. 12 for their commitment to preserving the county’s Native American heritage, culture and traditions.

Commissioner Georgia A. Hiller presented the family a plaque on behalf of the commissioners.

Three generations of the Osceola family were honored at the meeting, including O.B. Sr., Tina Marie, O.B. Jr., Dakota, Bryce, Brody, Tori and O.B. III, who all call Collier County home.

Through the years, the Osceola family has shared their heritage with the county by building a Seminole village on the grounds of the Collier County Museum, sponsoring events and festivals, and donating time to educational programs.

“I was extremely excited when I heard the County Commission wanted to recognize my father and family for our contributions to our community,” O.B. Jr. said. “We all work hard to make a contribution, and so it feels good to know that whatever we are doing is working. I was proud to stand with my father, mother, daughter and son before the entire county – three generations of entrepreneurial and warrior spirit.”

O.B. Sr. and Tina Marie make presentations to community groups and schools regularly to educate people on Collier County’s Native American heritage and individuals. O.B. Sr. and O.B. Jr. are successful entrepreneurs.

“I have lived in Collier County my whole life and am proud to continue to build chickees the way my own dad and grandpa taught me,” O.B. Sr. said. “My mother raised me to be a good father and to provide for my family and community, and I think I’ve done that. I’m 79 now and hope to still be here when I’m 179.”

During the ceremony, the Collier County Museum presented a slideshow of the family’s participation in community activities over the years.

“We are grateful to the Osceola family for their contributions to the community in a most significant way, and we really wanted to honor you, as a board,” Hiller said during the recognition.

The family was pleased to receive the honor.

“We are proud to call Collier County our home, and will continue to work towards leaving a legacy that our posterity will be proud of,” Tina Marie said. “Our ancestors not only worked hard to physically survive but worked diligently to maintain our Seminole heritage within a community comprised mostly of non-natives. They truly gave us the best of all worlds.”

Tina Marie Osceola contributed to this article.

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