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Trail celebrates new school year

By Judy Weeks

TRAIL — Children attending the Trail Back to School Bash made a big splash at the Miccosukee Golf and Country Club on Aug. 20. The pool area and a water slide had been reserved for their exclusive use for the entire afternoon, and they quickly took advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Joined by their immediate families, the youngsters behaved like a school of fish as they alternated between the super slide and the crystal blue waters of the pool. Playing games, competing in races and performing water aerobics, their laughter filled the air.

A group of the older boys demonstrated their basketball skills by challenging each other as they shot some hoops on the court and then returned to the pool to cool off. Meanwhile, the parents lounged on the deck enjoying an afternoon of relaxation.

Retiring to the tent pavilion, the families shared a gourmet, catered luncheon and then explored the educational opportunities that awaited them in the new school year.

“Your grades have been up this past year and enrollment in the tutoring sessions is bigger and better than ever,” said Trail Liaison Norman Huggins. “Attending Miccosukee and private schools, our children began their 2011-2012 school year approximately two weeks ago. This is our first Back to School Bash and we are running a little behind but it doesn’t seem to bother anybody here today.”

Addressing the children, Liaison Huggins emphasized that they are the future of their people. Education will provide them with the tools necessary to pour life into the community and insure its survival.

“As you acquire your educational skills, it is equally important that you always remember your strong cultural heritage and strive to keep our language alive,” concluded Liaison Huggins. “It defines who you are and it is your responsibility to pass it along to the next generation.”

“The Trail tutoring program is making great strides despite the need to relocate our teaching facilities during the school year,” said tutoring specialist Julissa Collazo. “I am extremely proud of the parents’ diligence in attendance and cooperation with ‘in-home’ study. Our tutoring programs are continuing to expand and space has become our biggest issue in all of the communities. SAT Prep, mentorship and bridge programming are adding to our educational priorities. I feel confident that your children will make big strides during the coming year.”

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