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Student athlete profile: Ahnie Jumper

Ahnie Jumper04PLANTATION — Ahnie Jumper is the type of athlete who plays one sport just to keep in shape for the next one she’ll play. True to form, the ninth-grader is excelling on the volleyball court while she waits for basketball and softball seasons to come around.

A setter on the American Heritage varsity team, Jumper also thrives in the classroom and has learned to balance academics and athletics.

Reading in the car during the hour commute from Big Cypress to Plantation every day helps Jumper keep up with her schoolwork.

“You just have to make time to study and do work between practices and games,” said Jumper, 14.

Jumper comes from an athletic family and draws inspiration from her brothers, Andre and Blevyns, who play football at American Heritage, and her father, Josh Jumper, who is surrounded by sports as the Recreation site manager in Big Cypress.

“They inspire me to push harder,” she said. “There is always something to improve on.”

At a recent game against Somerset Academy, Jumper was in her element. Surrounded by teammates while warming up before the game, they shared an easy camaraderie before they got down to the business on the court.

As of press time, the team is .500 for the season with an 11-11 record. On Oct. 9 they defeated Somerset 25-20, 25-22 and 25-14.

“I like being on the team,” Jumper said. “It’s like having another family.”

Jumper’s goal is to get straight A’s in school, play softball in college and become an athletic trainer. Even though her long-term goal is years away, she knows how she will achieve it.

“You can do a lot of things through Christ, which strengthens you,” she said. “If you need help, just ask and He’ll provide. But you have to put in the work.”

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