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Preschoolers get fit in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD — In a gymnasium filled with squeals of delight, about 70 Hollywood preschoolers learned the joy of fitness firsthand. The Health Department’s Hollywood Preschool Get Fit Day roused an abundance of fun among the children on Sept. 21.

The department has held Get Fit Day for about five years, said Jeff Garland, Hollywood fitness site supervisor. In addition to involving children in a fitness regimen, the program also builds hand-eye coordination and other skills.

“We have these once or twice a month on each reservation,” Garland said. “We have seen a high drop in kids doing physical activity as they get older, so we try to plant the seed early to get them to stay active.”

Separated into age groups, children navigated an obstacle course, raced each other on wheeled seats, played under a colorful parachute, and learned to kick a ball and throw it into a basket. At the same time, they also learned to follow directions, wait their turn and play well with others.

One-year olds crawled through tunnels and tossed balls, and the youngest babies enjoyed a bounce house with their teachers.

Beverly Bidney
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