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Pool tournament fills up Classic Gym

HOLLYWOOD — The sounds of pool balls smacking each other filled the Hollywood Classic Gym in early March. More than a dozen pool tables were set up on the basketball court for the Chairman’s Pool Tournament that drew a large turnout from youngsters and adults.

The junior section, which was broken up into three age categories for 8-ball, drew 29 kids. Keith Osceola won the 10-13 group with wins against Kimora Alex, Uriah Tommie, Jennie Osceola and runner-up Alex Rodriguez.

Elijah Osceola won the 14 to 17 division with a perfect 5-0 record.

The most popular section in the adult category was the open men’s singles 9-ball, which featured 17 players. Boogie Nunez finished first as he won all five of his matches, including the championship against runner-up Tony Billie.

Justin Aldridge won the open men’s singles 8-ball, which featured 13 players.

The open women’s 9-ball featured six players. Dixie Tommie won the top honor with victories against Martha Tommie, Louise Osceola and Juanita Osceola.

Dixie Tommie also won the open women singles 8-ball.

In seniors competition, Tony Billie captured the men’s open 8-ball and Laura Clay won the women’s open 8-ball.

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Division winners

Juniors 8-ball (ages 7-9)
1. Kyngston
2. Bill Osceola
3. Christian Shaffer
4. Justin
5. Jayden

Juniors 8-ball (ages 10-13)
1. Keith Osceola
2. Alex Rodriguez
3. Jennie Osceola
4. Levi Tommie
5. Uriah Tommie

Juniors 8-ball (ages 14-17)
1. Elijah Osceola
3. Kirshawn Henry
4. Melinda Gentry
5t. Rubie Osceola
5t. Trace Wilcox

Open Men’s Singles 8-ball
1. Justin Aldridge
2. Boogie Nunez
3. David Cypress
4. Ralph Sanchez
5t. Tony Billie
5t. Ildy Garcia

Senior Women’s Singles 8-ball
1. Laura Clay
2. Juanita Osceola
3. Scarlett Jumper
4. Louise Osceola
5. Dale Grasshopper

Open Women’s Singles 8-ball
1. Dixie Tommie
2. Jessica Billie
3. Claudia Jumper
4. Martha Tommie
5t. Nina Frias
5t. Brooke Osceola

Open Men’s Singles 9-ball
1. Boogie Nunez
2. Tony Billie
3. Ildy Garcia
4. Justin Aldridge
5t. Elrod Bowers
5t. Lance

Open Women’s Singles 9-ball
1. Dixie Tommie
2. Juanita Osceola
3. Louise Osceola
4. Martha Tommie
5t. Cassandra Jones
5t. Alex Tommie
Open Scotch Double 8-ball
1. Vinson Osceola and Jessica
2. Tony Billie and Louise Osceola
3. Juanita Osceola and Boogie Nunez
4. Martha Tommie and Lance
5. Dixie Tommie and Ty

Seniors Scotch Double 8-ball
1. Daniel and Dale
2. David and Laura
3. Tony and Louise
4. Vince and Scarlett
5. Juanita and Joe

Senior Men’s Singles 8-ball
1. Tony Billie
2. David Cypress
3. Daniel Gopher
4. Joe Billie
5t. Vince Billie
5t. Mitchell Cypress

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