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Pemayetv Emahakv students excel during third quarter

BRIGHTON — Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School students’ efforts continue to pay off. Kindergarten through eighth-grade students were recognized for their academic achievements for the third quarter on April 13.

“I feel the students are chugging right along with their academics,” principal Brian Greseth said. “We are seeing many students earning higher grades.”

Culture awards were given out to students who showed achievement in Creek language and Seminole arts and crafts classes. Students also received awards for effort, improvement, citizenship and GPA.

“The content does get more difficult as the year and years go on,” Greseth said. “Many of the students with improved grades have decided to give the extra effort.”

Physical education teachers Chris Goodwin and Pam Matthews also handed out awards to the upperclassmen for their accomplishments in P.E. classes.

Body composition was assessed after nine weeks of weight lifting, running and other physical activity, and the middle school students who had the highest increase in their fat-free mass (FFM) measurements received certificates.

“We are seeing great improvement,” Goodwin said.

Students from third, fourth and fifth grades participated in the national P.E. Central Challenge and received certificates based on the number of challenges they completed. Several fifth-grade students received Gold Awards for completing all six challenges.

The younger students received awards for their literary achievements.

“We have introduced a couple of new programs this year that seem to be assisting the students, parents and teachers,” Greseth said.

For one such program, the 100 Step Challenge, students took books home to read with their parents. They completed one step for every 15 minutes of reading they did. Another new program, Literacy First, assists teachers in creating strategies to help fill gaps in students’ reading.

“You students are reading more and more and are getting smarter and smarter,” said reading coach Pamela Hudson during the awards presentation. “I’m so proud of you.”

Greseth encouraged students to continue working hard during the last quarter and offered advice to students preparing for the FCAT. He said the three main factors for testing are endurance, motivation and skills.

“You have the skills, so make sure you have the endurance and motivation,” he said.

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