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How to get the Blockbuster body

PaulaBy Paula Bowers-Sanchez

Hello everyone! Just a few words about my recent trip to New York to attend the East Coast Alliance (ECA) World Fitness Conference.

I enjoy this conference because I love to try new workouts and new equipment. The lineup this year was really exciting. I participated in workshops all weekend.

I particularly enjoyed the Blockbuster Body. This class is a collage of different exercises that help A-listers get red carpet ready! Let me tell you, it was very demanding. We did sprint drills, coordination and agility drills, strength drills. It was jam-packed with fat-burning, muscle-building components. Awesome!

Anyway, I just want to applaud those who are currently following a program. You are doing a great service to your heart, mind and soul.

I would like to encourage those who are contemplating whether or not they need to exercise or those who just don’t want to exercise. Just try walking for about 30 minutes. Think of it this way: you can spend 30 minutes watching mindless TV. Swap that activity for an exercise that’s actually beneficial for your heart and mind!

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