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High schoolers can get an edge at College Application Workshop

By Braudie Blais-Billie

FORT LAUDERDALE — For the first time, the Education Department will hold a College Application Workshop from Sept. 14-16 at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott.

Organized by Higher Education recruiter Robert Caruso and tutor coordinator Julissa Collazo, the event will focus on helping high school seniors understand every step of the college application process.

“We are seeing a lot of applications being done last minute,” director of Education Emma Johns said.

The workshop hopes to put an end to last-minute or incomplete applications, she said, and will also help prepare students for the college process in ways that their schools may not provide.

Seniors will arrive at the Marriott Friday night, and the college “boot camp” will commence Saturday morning. It will offer tutors for everything from SAT/ACT preparation to filling out the Common Application, a free online undergraduate application. Since more than 400 colleges and universities, including Florida state schools, accept the Common Application, it is essential to understand.

“It’s only going to benefit them,” Caruso said.

Tutors will also help seniors with their college essays, which have become an increasingly crucial factor in admissions.

“Many schools, such as Florida State University, are looking heavily toward applicants’ essays to make their admissions decisions,” Caruso said.

The Education Department’s staff hopes to familiarize Tribal members with essay topics that they may encounter on applications.

“We want to help create college-level essays,” Johns said.

She said seniors who participate increase their chances of getting into their schools of choice. And because the staff is familiar with college admissions at many universities and colleges, they know what specific schools are looking for. The workshop will help students tailor their applications to those schools.

“Seniors are working hand-in-hand with Education,” Johns said.

It’s not a weekend at the beach, but the College Application Workshop will be an incredible resource for Tribal members wishing to attend college. Although a new program, the workshop will help change the way high school Tribal students approach higher education.

Students can RSVP to their local Education Department advisers no later than Aug. 17, and all seniors are encouraged to participate.


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