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DJ Shub perfectly blends Native culture and electronic music

From buzzing basses and synths, to pounding drums and Native chants for the listeners to raise their hands in the air and dance, DJ Shub has been able to blend both the cultural sound of Native songs with an electronic train of energy that seems to never slow down in his music. DJ Shub really has shown he has no limits as to what he is comfortable making. His production ranges from styles such as Trap, House, Moombahton, and even faster tempo electronic dance music like his song “Indomitable,” which was awarded Best Music Video at the Native American Music Awards last year.

DJ Shub’s music is truly unique from other artists in the genre. He skillfully mixed the sound of electronic dance music with a cultural feel that gives the music a very distinct sound that someone has likely never heard before.

Shub’s music is highly respectable. Even if someone is not an experienced musician or DJ, or even fond of the EDM genre, it’s hard not to understand and appreciate DJ Shub’s music. The thought to blend the drive of Native instruments and high energy vocals with the synthetic, punching kicks and instruments of modern day electronic music is unlike anything created before.

DJ Shub is also in a good place at a good time, as electronic music has started to make its way to the mainstream music genre. Although it is not traditionally the most popular type of music for some people, DJ Shub seems to connect with everyone, especially younger audiences that enjoy high adrenaline dance music. He and his music will likely start making their way to a large festival soon enough if they have not already. DJ Shub is a popular artist making his way to the top as a Native American musician and EDM artist.


Deven Osceola
Deven Osceola is a high school junior at Mount Dora Christian Academy in Tampa. Going by the name Eeoko, Deven is an electronic artist whose sound consists of warm sounding melodies, deep kicks and popping snares. He became passionate about music after seeing the impact his older brother’s music made on the community, which pushed him to learn to play the piano by ear. In recent years, artists such as Daft Punk, Genesis, Gorillaz, Skrillex, Zedd and Porter Robinson inspired him to become a DJ. Deven hopes to continue producing and performing his own music for people to capture something from the music he creates. His music is available on Soundcloud.

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