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Tribal students at Sagemont share their inspirations

WESTON — Tribal students at The Sagemont School’s Lower School researched, created and presented projects about famous people who have been inspirations to them in some way. As part of the Wax Museum program in April, the students not only did major research on their specific persons of choice but they also had to dress for the part. Represented were a Native American gold medal Olympian and Pro Football Hall of Famer (Jim Thorpe), a Native American war hero (Sitting Bull), an astronaut (Valentina Tereshkov), a First Lady (Michelle Obama), a civil rights leader (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and a saint (Mother Teresa).

Tribal students at Sagemont who participated in the Lower School’s Wax Museum project included:

Kyngston Sanders       Sitting Bull                                       Hollywood

Erica Sanders              Michelle Obama                              Hollywood

Kaydence Green          Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King            Big Cypress

Amirani Brooks             Mother Theresa                              Big Cypress

Teena Marie                 Jim Thorpe                                      Big Cypress

Aiyana Crespo              Valentina Tereshkova                     Big Cypress

Sagemont students Aiyana Crespo (Valentina Tereshkova) (Photo Yvette Payne/CSSS)
Amirani Brooks (Mother Teresa) (Photo Yvette Payne/CSSS)
Sagemont student Erica Sanders (Photo Yvette Payne/CSSS)
Kaydence Green (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) (Photo Yvette Payne/CSSS)
Sagemont student Kyngston Sanders provides information about Sitting Bull during the school’s Wax Museum project. (Photo Yvette Payne/CSSS)
Teena Marie (Photo Yvette Payne/CSSS)

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