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Trail Indian Day


After a two-year absence, the skinning of a deer made its return to the menu of activities for the Trail Seminole Indian Day on Sept. 16 at the Huggins family camp in Ochopee.

No deer was caught for the previous two Indian Days, but Michael Osceola went out in the late afternoon the day before this year’s celebration and made sure he didn’t return empty handed. The 10-point buck was taken down about 10:30 p.m. and 12 hours later became part of an educational morning as Osceola guided youngsters Randall Billie, Juelz Billie and Jayden Billie through the skinning, gutting and washing processes before the meat was cooked.

Deer skinning was just part of a full day that included fry bread, clothing and skillet tossing contests for just about all ages as well as pole skinning and fan tacking through an obstacle course. Home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided.

On a sweltering day, inflatable water slides and an ice cream truck were among the popular stops for kids and adults.

– Kevin Johnson

Rochelle Osceola and Shawna Frank work together during the Indian Day fry bread contest.
(Photo Kevin Johnson)
Alrene Billie provides tips to Chanel Baez, 9, during the fry bread contest. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
After helping skin a deer, Jayden Billie, left, and Randall Billie wash the meat. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Trail council liaison Norman Huggins addresses the audience during the clothing contest. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Virginia Osceola smiles to the audience during the clothing contest. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
From left, McKinley Turtle, Martina Tiger and Osceola Billie enjoy stopping by the ice cream truck. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Jaymien Olson hitches a ride from his mom Lacey. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Tyse Osceola, left, and Lennox Osceola compete in the Trail community’s Indian Day clothing contest Sept. 16 at the Huggins Family Camp in Ochopee. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Nyjah Osceola shows plenty of determination during the log peeling contest. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Alycia Mora hauls palm tree fronds during a competition. (Photo Kevin Johnson)
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson is senior editor. He has worked for The Seminole Tribune since 2014. He was previously an editor, photographer and reporter for newspapers in Southwest Florida and Connecticut. Contact Kevin at

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