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Trail Indian Day

Trail Indian Day17Safe from the rain, the Trail community gathered at the Huggins Camp Sept. 27 to celebrate the holiday, under day-long sun. From under a large white tent, Trail Liaison Norman Huggins welcomed all guests in the morning and announced each activity throughout the day, first in Mikasuki, then in English. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served at the all-day event.

After breakfast, women started up a fire under the cooking chickee for the frybread cooking contest, while men began the deer skinning tradition. Young boys watched as they peeled away the layers of what would soon be dinner.

“Kids can get their hands dirty whenever they want,” Michael Osceola said, while tossing deer guts aside.

Tribal members participated in contests of all Indian sorts, including frybread cooking, arts and crafts, clothing and language. Traditional games were played under the hot sun while Bingo, contests and a raffle were held under the shade of the tent.

With a bounce house, waterslide and playground provided, barefoot children bounced from one inflatable to another, only breaking to grab a snow cone or cotton candy, or to participate in a contest.