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Seminole royalty attend Okeechobee Labor Day Parade

Submitted by Wanda Bowers

OKEECHOBEE — Miss Florida Seminole 2011-2012 Jewel Buck from the Brighton Reservation has already started her appearances at the request of Brighton Council Rep. Andrew J. Bowers Jr. in her first parade during Okeechobee Labor Day where she rode on the back of a black convertible. Joining her was Junior Miss Seminole Jaryaca Baker, Little Miss Seminole Brooke Yescas and last but not least Little Mister Seminole Caleb Burton. Wanda Bowers also attended as the chaperone.


At the end of the parade Jewel Buck, along with all the other royalties who attended the parade, came up at the park in the town’s center and introduced themselves. It was a beautiful day to celebrate Labor Day with the entire crowd looking on at all the other entries in the parade from fire engines to horses.

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