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‘Prey’ features heavy Native American presence

Amber Midthunder stars in “Prey,” which recently debuted on Hulu. (Photo Disney)

Unlike its predecessors in the “Predator” series, the new movie “Prey” focuses on a more Native interpretation.

In a prequel to the Predator science-fiction series, the suspense thriller Prey features a nearly all-Native cast. Amber Midthunder (Fort Peck Sioux Tribe), portrays Naru, a Comanche woman in the Great Plains in 1719. Naru has experience in dealing with different Native medicines, however, she has a calling to become a great hunter in her tribe, which was extraordinary for a woman.

“Why do you want to hunt?” is a recurring question Naru faces. She wants to prove her doubters wrong, those who constantly underestimate her hunting skills.

Naru notices something mysterious in the distant sky, which she thinks is a sign of approval for her to hunt, however, it is the disguised ship that the Predator descends from.Naru, being highly observant, notices that local animals are being slain differently. She starts her search to find what is killing the animals, which brings her and her tribesmen into contact with the Predator. Naru’s brother, Taabe (Dakota Beavers), comes to understand the Predator that is hunting them is not a typical adversary.

The movie sheds light on the technological differences between the Predator and the Comanche Tribe. Some early scenes show how the tribe uses its tools and weapons. Although the Predator’s arsenal appears to be superior, Naru is able to even the battlefield.

Prey, directed by Dan Trachtenberg, is the only movie in the “Predator” series that features a wide range of Native actors and also a Native producer, Jhane Myers. It premiered on Hulu in early August. It can be viewed in English, but it also offers Comanche subtitles as an option.

The film, which contains some violent scenes, has received positive reviews. Cowboys & Indians Magazine praised Midthunder, noting the movie has launched her as a star. A review in Rolling Stone declared that “Prey” gives the “Predator” franchise its long awaited masterpiece.” Jesse Ventura, a supporting actor from the original “Predator” movie, praised the movie on social media as a “thoughtful, creative and wonderful film.”

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Prey” features a cast of several Native American actors. (Photo Disney)
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