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PECS immersion students mark 100th day of school

Arrow “Herake” Johns holds her writing assignment and a photo of what she may look like at 100 years old. (Courtesy photo)
KyLynn “Vpeyet” Lawrence dons a shirt filled with hearts along with a crown and construction paper glasses in celebration of reaching the 100th day mark with school. (Courtesy photo)

BRIGHTON — The eight students in the Creek immersion program celebrated the 100th day of virtual school Jan. 25 with some learning and fun in Creek and English.

To celebrate the special occasion, some of the students “aged” overnight and looked to be 100 years old, thanks to some makeup and props. Others displayed their creativity by wearing 100 items on their clothing, such as hearts and pom poms.

Creek activities included sorting and eating an assortment of snacks similar to trail mix, a scavenger hunt in their homes where they described the items they found, speaking only in Creek.

Activities in English for the six first graders and two kindergarten students included various writing tasks, such as writing sight words and their names in 100 seconds.

Students also wrote about what they think they will be doing when they are 100 years old and what they would do with $100. They also learned about what life was life 100 years ago and made comparisons to life today.

Arrow “Herake” Johns wrote when she is 100 she will play with Hopanv, Hvse, Vtvssv and Lala.

Amariah “Vtvssv” Lavatta wrote when she is 100 she will knit blankets.
Kindergarten student KyLynn “Vpeyet” Lawrence would buy a girl doll if she had $100.

Kindergarten student Sebastian “Ceyafkompe” Cypress already has a bucket list ready of things he wants to do before he turns 100: Play his Xbox, go to New York, have babies, get married.

“We engaged in so many activities in Creek and English and had a blast,” teacher Eduarda Anselmo wrote in a Facebook post. “Who said we can’t have fun while learning?”

Amariah “Vtvssv” Lavatta does her best to look old with the help of some makeup. (Courtesy photo)
Daniel “Emvnicv” Nunez III wears 100 pom poms on his shirt to celebrate the 100th day of school in the PECS Immersion program. (Courtesy photo)
Jolietta “Hvse” Osceola is decked out in 100 hearts for the 100th day of school. (Courtesy photo)

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