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More new business

James E. BillieWith a little bit of squabbling over cattle owner requests, our Tribe’s FY 2012 Budget is approved! Now I can concentrate on the many other pressing matters at hand. Nearly six months have passed so rapidly; I can’t believe it is “turkey shoot” time already. And Christmas is at hand.

It has been my practice, over the years of being your Chairman, to bring new projects that would create added income for our Tribe. This is evident in the many hours this Council has spent reviewing and considering new projects during our first six months in office.

Recently, I was told by one of our accountants: “Why are you looking for other businesses when your casinos are bringing in such great income? Try to do more of them!”

That didn’t make sense to me. My answer to that is, “Don’t worry, I am not taking your advice! I will always look for other avenues of business and other income producing projects.”

In this Budget, the Tribal Council has streamlined our many programs to be more efficient and to make sure they reach out to everyone in our Tribe. But, at the same time, we have new challenges to our present business that we must address. Our Legal Counsel Jim Shore and his associates are keeping a tight vigil on this matter.

Remember to put a leaf of “pulley” on the scalpkeeper before you eat it. He still carries a scalp of a human on his chest.


James E. Billie is Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.


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