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Jaryaca Baker enjoys smooth transition as business owner

Jaryaca Baker makes smoothies at the Rez Rally on Jan. 7, 2023, in Hollywood. The Brighton resident opened her business in 2022. (Photo Kevin Johnson)

Jaryaca Baker was working for the Seminole Tribe’s Education Department when she decided that an 8-to-5 job in the office might not be the best fit for her and her family.

Baker, 28, who grew up in a large family on the Brighton Reservation, wrote down a list of ideas for potential businesses she could pursue. She thought back to meeting a woman who had set up a trailer that offered coffee and other items at a softball tournament.

“It was so cute,” Baker said.

That set the wheels in motion – literally – for Baker, who left her job last year to start Three J’s Ice Cream, which offers a variety of ice cream and smoothies. She operates it out of a trailer that she brings to events. Since opening on Oct. 27, 2022, Baker has done several birthday parties and a basketball tournament.

Her biggest event came in January when her black Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck with a Firman dual fuel generator in the bed and trailer in tow pulled into Seminole Estates for Rez Rally, one of the tribe’s largest annual gatherings that attracts hundreds of runners and walkers.

Jaryaca Baker, left, and her mother, Mona, work during a busy morning at the Rez Rally on Jan. 7, 2023, in Hollywood. (Photo Kevin Johnson)

Throughout the morning, a steady stream of customers lined up to buy ice creams and smoothies. At times the line was a dozen or so deep. Baker, who received help from her mom, Mona, said it was an exhausting, but fulfilling day as they served an estimated 300 ice creams and about the same number of smoothies.

“I like making our people happy, and they love our ice cream,” Baker said.

Baker is in a happy place as a business owner and mother of three kids, all age 8 and under. She said owning and running her business provides an opportunity for her to set an example.

“I want to show my kids you are supposed to do things and not sit around,” said Baker, who has a degree from Keiser University and is working on another one in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on business.
Even though the kids are too young to work, Baker made sure they would be part of the business. Hence, the Three J’s name, which is for her sons, Jhettzyn and Jherricko, and her daughter, Jhennie.

Before Baker could sell her first fruity pebble ice cream roll – which she said is the best seller – or a banana-peanut butter smoothie – another popular item – plenty of work needed to be done to get the business rolling.

She purchased a trailer and customized it. She wanted it to be a warm, welcoming set up. Unlike food trucks where people usually walk up to the side to place an order, the Three J’s trailer opens in the back and customers can walk up a ramp and place their order while standing at a counter. The more personable set-up is ideal for Baker, who said she enjoys meeting people.

“I wanted the inside to look fun, not cluttered. It’s comfortable and fun,” Baker said.

Baker received a lot of help from her dad, Preston, to make the trailer a business.

“My dad built everything. He built all the counters and shelves and did the floors. I bought a sink on Amazon,” Baker said.

A friend provided electrical help. The children’s father, her mom and her four brothers all pitched in with painting and other assistance. She registered her business with the state and secured purchasing ice cream from a company in West Palm Beach.

Baker said she hopes to be at upcoming events such as the Brighton Field Day Festival and Chalo Nitka as well as continuing to do private events. She arranged a deal for local students of the month to receive a free ice cream or smoothie as a reward.

Being able to own a business that she can operate around her children’s schedules has proven to be a win-win situation for Baker.

“It’s everything I wanted,” she said.

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