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Immokalee seniors attend annual Cherokee Tribal Fair

By Judy Weeks

CHEROKEE, N.C. — Immokalee seniors journeyed to Cherokee, N.C. on Oct. 6 for a five-day trip to the mountains for a variety of fun-filled activities.


The group donned jackets in the crisp fall mountain air as they ventured out to view the natural wonders of the tree color changes of autumn. Despite the lower temperatures and shorter day light hours, the leaves were getting a late start this year but showed glimpses of a promising colorful pallet that will soon appear.


Each year the Cherokee Tribal Fair draws visitors from all across the country with its wide variety of trade goods, arts, crafts, supplies and one-of-a-kind merchandise. This gathering of vendors was a focal point for the seniors who worked hard to curb their compulsive buying and picked up numerous cherished objects.


They spent hours exploring the wonders of the Cherokee Bead market, which is one of the largest in the country. Sorting through its vast inventory brought excitement and enthusiasm to the shoppers as they envisioned new projects and carefully examined the extraordinary samples of artwork on display.


The seniors agreed that no trip to Cherokee is complete without visiting the Talking Leaves Book Store with its Native American inventory, the quilt show and material shops that cater to everyone’s quilting needs and patchwork opportunities. The variety of fabrics, colors and patterns are hard to resist and it didn’t take long before they were loaded down with purchases.

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