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Community development about to soar Tribalwide

For Adam Nelson, executive director of the Tribal Community Development Department, the next 12 months will be “an exciting year for community development” Tribalwide.

Nelson said every Seminole reservation and community will be bolstered with new and improved infrastructure, long-awaited facilities and neighborhood enhancements.

“Our priority list is housing, education, health and safety,” Nelson said.

Here’s what’s on the list for fiscal year 2014:

• Brighton: Build eight to 10 rental townhomes in the Knots Landing area; continue widening Lake Harney Pond Road; complete design of Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School gymnasium and media center; finish 880-acre wetland mitigation project; master drainage and water treatment improvements.

• Immokalee: Continue designing eight to 10 rental townhomes; improve water mains; establish residential drainage plan; re-floor the community gymnasium.

• Naples: Continue expanding the community office from warehouse to community center with fitness and culture rooms.

• Big Cypress: Continue designing a new health clinic; continue researching and designing the new Ahfachkee High School; construct a new emergency shelter for women and children in need by summer 2014.

• Hollywood: Establish a plan to expedite the building of a new health clinic that will likely break ground in summer 2014; complete clearing of the Seminole Estates trailer park by the end of 2013; complete construction of a new 4-H facility that will include animal housing to open in December; continue development of three open land spaces for more homes and rental properties; begin construction on the new Hollywood gym.

• Tampa: Alter and improve Harney Road; paint the office building; make electrical improvements.

Nelson said Tribal members should see most of the largest projects physically underway after New Year’s Day 2014.

“We’re going to pick up where we leave off in 2013, raise the bar a little higher and get started in January 2014,” Nelson said.