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Coach Cheyenne Nunez receives public accolade

State College of Florida in Bradenton gave a shoutout to assistant softball coach Cheyenne Nunez on social media for National Coaches Day on Oct. 6. (Image SCF via Twitter(

When Cheyenne Nunez was a college student she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after graduation; what she was sure of was her love and passion for the game of softball.

Nunez, who grew up on the Brighton Reservation and is one of the few Seminoles to have played NCAA Division I softball, had a successful athletic career as a player at State College of Florida (SCF) in Bradenton and the University of South Carolina Upstate before earning a degree from the University of South Florida.

When Nunez graduated from USF in September, SCF head softball coach Mandy Schuerman offered her a job as an assistant coach. She took it and hit the ground running.

Nunez’s plan was to teach the players how to get to Division I level of play and give them tips on how to organize their study time as well as team time. She knew being fresh out of college herself would help her relate to the team.

Now, just a few months into her coaching career, Nunez received a public acknowledgement and praise for her work with the team. On Oct. 6, National Coaches Day, SCF posted this note from Schuerman on its social media:
“Cheyenne has been able to move from the player to coach role with ease. She brings a younger and relatable personality to the program. She is able to often understand where the players are coming from and match that with what the coaching staff’s expectations are. In this, she plays a pivotal role.” – Mandy Schuerman, head softball coach.

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