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Caleb Hiatt develops business, technology chops

Caleb Hiatt (Courtesy photo)

Caleb Hiatt is set to enter his sophomore year at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, in the fall. The 19-year-old has spent the summer in his hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as an intern with manufacturing company Viaflex.

In his studies and through the internship, Hiatt is fulfilling an interest he has in both business and technology.

“My first major is business intelligence and analytics,” Hiatt said. “The other is fintech – finance and technology. They’re two very similar majors that have some classes that overlap.”

Hiatt is also involved in the Business Intelligence & Analytics Association at Creighton.

“We do community analytics consulting. I’ve always really enjoyed math and statistics and data,” he said.

The Viaflex internship – which started May 15 and runs through early August – was set up after a connection with the company’s executive director of corporate development, Joe Beck, who attends the Hiatt family’s church in Sioux Falls.

“On paper I’m a human resources intern, but I don’t really deal with the day-to-day HR things,” Hiatt said. “I’m doing an HR metrics dashboard which requires putting a bunch of [Microsoft] Excel data into graphs and Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Tools. That’s my big project.”

Viaflex, formerly Raven Engineered Films, manufactures polymer films and sheeting (plastic tarps) for agriculture, construction, industrial and other applications.

“They actually laid plastic at the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel under the waterfall,” Hiatt said. “There are tons of applications. A lot of the business is in California; for reservoirs in Colorado; and for agriculture in Texas. It’s a big thing.”

Hiatt said he might want to use his experience for a future business analyst or information technology job.

“There’s some different things I’ve been thinking about, but I’m not sure what the job title would be,” he said. “There are a few Fortune 500 companies in Omaha.”

Hiatt is the son of Jon and Stephanie Hiatt. His mother is a tribal member and the daughter of the late Stephen Bowers. Hiatt’s two brothers are Tyler, 21, and Lucas, 16.

Hiatt grew up in Sioux Falls, which is about a two and a half hour drive to Creighton.

“When we were younger we’d be asked where we’re from and we’d say South Dakota and Florida. We’d go to Florida two or three times a year,” he said. “This last time we went for inauguration day. [Hollywood Board Rep.] Christine McCall is my mom’s cousin. Since my grandfather’s passing we’ve gotten to know Wanda [Bowers] and Christine more.”

Hiatt said in his free time he’s been getting back in the gym and playing a lot of basketball and golf. He particularly enjoys spikeball – which he describes as “if volleyball and four square had a baby.”

He said his family is “pretty athletic all the way around.” Hiatt’s mother is in the sports hall of fame at the University of Sioux Falls for volleyball, and brother Tyler has established himself as track and field standout at the same school.

From left to right are Lucas Hiatt, Stephanie Hiatt, Wanda Bowers, Hollywood Board Rep. Christine McCall, Caleb Hiatt and Tyler Hiatt at the tribe’s inauguration day event June 5 in Hollywood. (Courtesy photo)
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