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Brighton gets in the spirit of Red Ribbon Week

By Andrea Holata

BRIGHTON  From Oct. 22-26, the Brighton community celebrated Red Ribbon Week by having activities all week focusing on the theme, The best me is drug free.

Coordinated by Family Services Department events coordinator Valerie Marone, Brighton had poster contests, speakers, car smashing, Jaws of Life demonstration by Fire Rescue, Walk Out on Drugs march, Preschool Get Fit Day, and door decorating and T-shirt decorating contests promoting a drug-free community.

“It’s out there everywhere in every community, not just the Brighton community,” Marone said. “It’s in all communities, and we want to get the message out there to help people from falling in the trap of alcohol and drug addiction.”

The youth kicked off the week by decorating posters. Later in the evening, the community enjoyed a dinner and speaker at the Veteran’s Building, where Seminole Police brought their drug dog to do a drug search demonstration.

Youth then took to the parking lot to write drug-free messages on a car and then smashed it with a hammer, signifying “beating drugs out of Brighton.” Once completed, Fire Rescue talked about the dangers of drugs and alcohol while driving a motor vehicle. Fire Rescue also demonstrated how they use the Jaws of Life to remove people who have been in car accidents due to drug- and alcohol-related car accidents.

Community members, Tribal employees, Pemayetv Emahakv’s students and faculty, as well as preschool kids, participated in the Walk Out on Drugs march around the community.

Led by the Seminole Police and Fire Rescue departments, all marched the streets of Brighton to raise awareness. PECS students decorated stop signs, mailboxes, fences and cars with red ribbons, while preschool kids chanted the slogan, “Say no to drugs,” from the horse trailer they rode on.

“It’s a reminder to say no to drugs and keep drugs and alcohol out of our community,” Marone said.
Even the youngest of them partook in the week-long activities. The 3- and 4-year-olds from the preschool participated in a Get Fit Day promoting fitness and health.

“It’s never too early to start with the children to promote healthy lifestyle and healthy choices,” Marone said.

To conclude the week’s message of being drug free, the Family Services Department held a movie and pizza night to watch Heroes under Fire: Righteous Vendetta, a movie about Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, the fallen officer who inspired Red Ribbon Week.

“Brighton really came together and is really working to have a healthy safe community,” Marone said.

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