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Ahfachkee welcomes new guidance counselor Harold ‘Chip’ Osborn

Harold “Chip” Osborn

BIG CYPRESS — Harold “Chip” Osborn, Ahfachkee School’s new guidance counselor, brings a wealth of experience
with him to the job.

A native of Hollywood, Osborn has worked in Broward County schools as a principal, assistant principal, guidance
director, guidance counselor and classroom teacher for 34 years. This is his first time working with a homogenous Native American student population.

“I like the culture of the school,” Osborn said. “The whole idea of culture classes and teaching them the language is great. My goal is to learn a few phrases of Elaponke.”

Osborn’s objective is to bring a comprehensive guidance program to the school based on the American School Counselor Association standards, which include the idea of a positive self-concept, social and emotional learning and college readiness or a post high school plan. He recently administered the SAT and PSAT college entrance exams to 11th and 10th grade students.

“There is another benefit to taking the exam; when students get information from colleges it can be an aha moment,” Osborn said. “We want to get students excited about post-secondary plans whether college, vocational, technical or military.”

The virtual classroom – which continues along with in-person classes – is among the pandemic-related challenges Osborn and teachers face this year.

“I’m happy we are a hybrid this year,” he said. “But ask any teacher, they are going to want to have a student in front of them instead of virtually on a screen. Counseling a student virtually is harder, but we are a small school. There is a lot of room for individual attention.”

Since school began, Osborn has been meeting with high school students to make sure they are on track for graduation. He has worked his way down through all the grade levels, including elementary.

“My role is to provide the resources, tools and assistance students may need to be successful in school,” Osborn said.
“I am committed to maintaining the individual uniqueness of each student, to use interventions to maximize the educational experience and enhance the development potential of each student.”

Osborn earned a bachelor’s degree from Asbury University in Kentucky and a master’s in counselor education from Florida Atlantic University.

Beverly Bidney
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