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Emateloye’s escape gave birth to today’s Tribe

Polly Parker (Emateloye) was captured on Fisheating Creek in 1856, marched over to Egmont Key, forced onto a ship called Grey Cloud, shipped on up the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans where she would walk the Trail of Tears out west. But the ship stopped to refuel at Fort

Life in Red Bays: land crabs and baskets

I would like to say, "Thank you," to Peter Douglas, the tourism manager for Andros Island, for inviting me and my family and staff members Danny Tommie, Paul Backhouse and Pete Gallagher to the Crab Festival in Andros Town, recently. Now, I’ve seen land crabs here in Florida. At certain times

Watch out for fub leh che chobee

The split tail or thunderbirds (snail kites) are flying around. The sawgrass flowers are starting to bloom. It’s raining a little too much, flooding the fields and swamps, and the green tree frogs have been crying up a storm for the last several days. I don’t mind all this, but

Around here, it’s still Thal-chobee-yo-ke

About 30 years ago when Gloria Wilson was still a little girl, I remember she was always into designing and drawing and engineering something to look a certain way, and as she grew older she maintained that passion. April 16 was a good example at the groundbreaking for the future

Seminole Tribe, Hard Rock move forward

Christmas is past. We are moving through a new year. As usual, I like to hang onto my Christmas tree until about February. So the first week of February I finally took my Christmas tree down. I like to enjoy the Christmas tree. This was one of those trees that

Almost the oldest man in the village

Happy New Year. The year 2013 has finally arrived. Maybe the Mayan theory of the end of the world is still on Indian time. Anyway, we are all still here. I was having a conversation with some of the people who were organizing the 75th anniversary of the Brighton Reservation

A season of sadness and joy

Kind of neat sitting underneath this round chickee, by the old fire, my feet back in the old grass roots. Feels good. Smoke getting in my eyes and burning. Makes me know that I’m still alive. It’s kind of neat inside my house, too, where we can smell the aroma

Muscovy duck for Thanksgiving 1954

One of my first real memories of Thanksgiving occurred back in 1954. I was going to school in Clewiston, Fla. back then and living with my Clan grandfather, Morgan Smith (Bird Clan) and his wife, Katy Smith, who was Laura Mae Osceola’s mother. They were getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Clans and no-clans: The thinning of Seminole blood

No-clanners and descendents are a growing issue in the Seminole Tribe of Florida. To my knowledge, I believe the oldest no-clan member of the Seminole Tribe is about 68 years old. But there are now quite a few of them. Back in the days when I was born, in 1944, some

Keep your flame hook-chee high

Well, it’s been two and a half months now since I had the stroke. I am now able to walk with the help of a cane, and I am vigorously working with therapy on my shoulder and hand to return to full function. Right now I have my arm strapped