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Workshop benefits Miss Florida Seminole in more ways than one

During a recent weekend I had the pleasure of working with Jules Meyer with PR Pageant Coaches. To start off our fun-filled weekend, we did a health and fitness class. The class was taught by the beautiful Brook Marie Eneas. I learned that “some foods aren’t good enough for your body.” She also taught me a whole new way of thinking before I eat because food is made for three reasons: vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Ultimately this is what your body is made up of, so if you balance this with a little bit of fiber not only will you feel better but your body will thank you.

Miss Florida Seminole Randee Osceola with 2016 Miss USA Deshauna Barber. (Courtesy photo)

Also, did you know that you’re not supposed to eat and drink at the same time? It causes bloating and makes you feel super full. This is called food combination.

The best part of the health and fitness class taught me to love my body. You only get one body so take care of it.

After the nutrition class was public speaking. I learned that I should make every appearance and speeches personal. It helps not only for the audience to get to know me, but also for someone to learn more about the Seminole Tribe. As Miss Seminole I want to do my best in every aspect of my reign.

I also did an interview training to help not only prepare for Miss Indian World, but for “one-on-one” talks with people that don’t know anything about the Tribe. Public speaking class was very beneficial.

At the end of the day we did a team building exercise with all of the girls I met in the workshop. Team building was my favorite part because I got to meet one of my role models, 2016 Miss USA Deshauna Barber. She was my choice during the Miss USA pageant because she brought such a realness and boldness to the competition by being so proud of her military background. She shared with us all the craziness that happened behind the stage during the pageant. It reminded me of all the times I ran for Jr. Miss Seminole and all the laughs and fun we shared back stage.

Some of the PR girls were attending the workshop because they are running for titles. They talked to us about why they were running, the name of the title and how excited they were. The tiles were ”Miss Florida” and “Miss Florida Teen USA”. Any of them would make a good fit for the crown.

I learned so much at the PR workshop. I learned a lot about myself and the woman I am becoming. I will continue to work with PR throughout my reign to make sure I’m on my ‘A game’ to compete for Miss Indian World and hopefully be the first Seminole to bring home the title.

Randee Osceola is the 2017-18 Miss Florida Seminole. She’s a 2017 graduate of Immokalee High School.

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