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Virtual Indigenous tourism forum to be held in October

WASHINGTON – The first-ever Indigenous Tourism Forum of the Americas, postponed in March due to COVID-19, will relaunch Oct. 12-16 with a virtual networking program.

The forum will address how tourism can support the economic and social well-being of Indigenous peoples—both now and in the future. Indigenous, business, and government leaders will explore the ways in which tourism can drive economic recovery and sustainable development. Participants will meet via Zoom webinar to exchange experiences, share knowledge, retrace ancient trade networks and reestablish connections.

The event will feature virtual destination tours, keynotes, workshops and roundtable talks centered on recovery and sustainable development with speakers and moderators discussing pressing current issues such as “How Can Tourism Drive Economic Recovery Post-COVID-19?,” “How Can Indigenous Communities Create Partnerships and Access Financing?” and “Protection of Intellectual and Cultural Property.”

“It’s our hope that the forum will be a starting point for post-pandemic empowerment and ownership so that Indigenous communities in the U.S., Canada and Central and South America can use tourism to create cultural connections, educate the world about their traditions and challenges, and determine their own narratives for the future,” said Seleni Matus, director of the International Institute of Tourism Studies.

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