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Upcoming Indigenous performances online

Shelley Morningsong
Marika Sila

Here’s a look at some upcoming live shows online with Indigenous performances: 

  • May 8, 5 p.m. (ET): Marika Sila (Inuit) will appear on the National Arts Centre’s Canada Performs series. Sila is an actress, hoop dancer and fire performer originally from the Northwest Territories.  Sila appeared in The Twilight Zone (2019) movie.

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  • May 8, 8 p.m. (ET): Brian Frejo (Pawnee/Seminole Nation) will be the guest on the Red Hoop Talk. Frejo will discuss his work as a motivational speaker and singer to empower people, especially youth, to celebrate cultural identity. Frejo is also an actor who has appeared  in movies and TV series and he is a member of the Grammy–nominated drum group “Young Bird.” He plays the Native American flute.

Red Hoop Talk features discussions on culture and survival every Friday night live at 8 p.m. and streaming on YouTube. It is from the Association of American Indian Affairs.  

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  • May 9, 8 p.m. (ET): The Native America Music Awards’ free live concerts continue with 2019 NAMA Artist of the Year Shelley Morningsong and her husband Fabian Fontenelle. Buddy Big Mountain and Callie Bennett are also scheduled to perform.

Morningsong (Northern Cheyenne) also won NAMA’s Best Blues Recording last year thanks to “Simple Truth,” her career best-selling album as she stepped into the blues genre.  

“By the time I decided to release these songs, I knew that they’d come as a surprise to my fan base,” Morningsong said in December 2019. “Musically, my previous work was deeply traditional, and I’d always written about Native American themes. Living with these songs for so long, turning them over and over, encouraged me to try some new things, some new settings.”

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