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Tribal First acquires American Indian Health Services

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Tribal First, a division of Alliant Specialty Insurance Services, has acquired American Indian Health Services (AIHS). The acquisition pairs Tribal First, the nation’s largest tribal insurance brokerage, with one of Indian Country’s leading providers of healthcare services and financing tools.

“Access to quality, affordable healthcare continues to play a significant role in Tribal First’s mission as we expand our reach and service profile,” said Sean McConlogue, President of Alliant Specialty Insurance Services. “AIHS is an organization that has consistently improved the lives of Native Americans nationwide by reducing healthcare costs and developing strategies that have a significant positive impact on the community.”

Founded in 2005, AIHS is an American Indian-owned organization dedicated to promoting tribal sovereignty to obtain best-in-class healthcare products and services. The AIHS team is comprised of dedicated specialists with experience identifying and addressing the distinct healthcare needs of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes and related enterprises. This includes expertise in Indian health law, healthcare design, provider networks, and tribal and federal Indian Health Service (IHS) programs.

AIHS will provide additional strength and expertise to Tribal First’s Tribal Care program, a dedicated healthcare solution that coordinates with the IHS to deliver cost-effective healthcare coverage for tribes nationwide. Tribal First provides insurance, risk management, and employee benefits consulting services to more than 400 tribal nations throughout the United States and is a specialized program of Alliant Specialty Insurance Services, Alliant’s growing MGA and program administrator.

“Our mission at AIHS is simple: to improve the lives of American Indian and Alaska Native people through the timely access to appropriate healthcare,” said Brendan McKenna, President of AIHS. “Tribal First, with its reach and scale, will enable us to further this mission through the deployment of high-caliber people and products that directly address the needs of tribes and their respective communities.”

McKenna and the AIHS team will join Alliant and continue to service clients from its Sammamish, Wash. location. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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