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Theresa Frost wins BCA Pool League World Championship

Theresa Frost holds up prizes she earned after winning the BCA Pool League World Championship in early April, 2022. (Courtesy photo)

Competiveness and passion are always part of Theresa Frost’s game when she plays in pool tournaments, but there was some additional motivation that helped propel her into the winners’ circle at a tournament in Las Vegas.

Frost won the BCA Pool League World Championship Ladies 8-Ball Singles in the gold division. The three-day tournament in late March and early April featured players from around the globe. In fact, Frost faced opponents from Idaho, Canada and Venezuela, among others.

Frost, a tribal member from Brighton, has won big tournaments before, such as championships on the state level in Florida, but this one was extra special because she recently lost her mother, Alice Sweat.

“My mother was the kind of woman who wanted to be at every sport. Now she’s not here. I felt her spirit was there watching me,” Frost said.

Frost grew up with pool players all around her, including her dad and uncles.

“I have a passion for pool and I love the sport,” she said.

In Vegas, Frost won all her matches on day one, but it was a loss in day two that proved to be a crucial turning point for her.

“The girl I lost to was very rude. It set a fire in me,” Frost said.

The loss meant Frost had to work her way out of the losers’ bracket with no setback to spare. Playing with increased determination, Frost emerged from the bracket and got what she wanted: a rematch.

Frost had to win twice, which she did by overwhelming her opponent. Scores were 5-2 and 5-1.

Nothing her opponent did could derail Frost.

“I’m a fast player; I don’t play slow. She put me on the time clock to mess with my mind,” Frost said.

Frost said she loves Las Vegas, but hopes the tournament would someday be played at a location in or close to Florida so her children and other family could watch her play. She was accompanied by her husband Steve, who is also a pool player. They own the Brahma Bull restaurant in Okeechobee.

Frost said when she returned home her kids, who are grown, were ecstatic about her winning the championship.

“I’m thankful for all my family,” she said. “I appreciate their support.”

Frost lines up a shot in the Las Vegas tournament in April 2022. (Courtesy photo)
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