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Seminole Hard Rock Expansion – Quotes

“We’ve invested a lot in the state of Florida. We welcome you to our home. We built this for you on our homeland. We hope you enjoy what we’ve done.” – Chairman Marcellus W. Osceola Jr.

“I never thought I’d see this big guitar behind me, but it happened. We’re really proud of what we have today. I’m hoping that y’all bring your plastic; it works out there, so go out, enjoy and have a good time.” – President Mitchell Cypress

Party on the pool deck before the guitar smash at the opening of the Guitar Hotel in Hollywood Oct. 24. (Photo Beverly Bidney)

“And, yes, I will tell you that this guy is crazy because who else in their right mind would build not only a hotel shaped like a guitar, but over 400 feet tall.” – Chairman Marcellus W. Osceola Jr. on Hard Rock International chairman and Seminole Gaming CEO Jim Allen

“I couldn’t be happier, couldn’t be more proud to be standing here tonight amongst you all.” – Hollywood Councilman Chris Osceola

“To watch the Tribe, the Hard Rock, grow to what it’s become today it’s just truly amazing. It was always Jim Allen steering the ship. If you’re ever in a foxhole, that’s the guy you want sitting next to you.” – Hollywood Councilman Chris Osceola

Edward Aguilar shows his support at the opening of the Guitar Hotel in Hollywood Oct. 24. (Photo Beverly Bidney)

“I think it’s a great celebration and long awaited. They should be congratulated for what they are doing for Indian Country and around the world.” – Lewis Johnson, assistant chief of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

“I don’t want this to sound racist or prejudicial, but Jim Allen, you’re one white man we can trust.” – Big Cypress Councilman David Cypress

“We literally slept in the swamp, but now we have this guitar [where] we can lay our head once and awhile along with you.” – Paul Buster

David Cypress, Jim Allen and Mitchell Cypress on the red carpet at the Guitar Hotel. (Photo Beverly Bidney)

“This night means so much to me because my ancestors died, sacrificed themselves, so we can stand here today and join hands with others to make this a success.” – Brighton Councilman Larry Howard.

“I brought my father, Frank Billie, to the opening of the first Hard Rock in Hollywood in his wheelchair. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that they would ever have anything that nice. Now I keep thinking of him while I’m here tonight.”- Wanda Billie

“When we walked in we felt like a kid who has never been to Disney. I wish our ancestors can see what has been accomplished by their sacrifices. All Tribal members should remember how we got here and remember the babies who were sacrificed.” – Pete Aguilar

Paul Buster provides the invocation prayer at the Guitar Hotel opening . (Photo Hard Rock)
Max Osceola, Clarice Demayo and Chandler Demayo share a laugh on the red carpet during the opening celebration of the Guitar Hotel. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Virginia Osceola, left, and Mercedes Osceola enjoy their time at the opening of the Guitar Hotel. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Miss Florida Seminole Durante Blais-Billie, right, Miss Indian World Cheyenne Kippenberger, center, and Jr. Miss Florida Seminole Aubee Billie, left, gaze upwards at the opening of the Guitar Hotel Oct. 24. (Photo Hard Rock)