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Q&A: Tena Granit retires after 23 years

Granit stands in the lobby of the STOFI offices at Hollywood headquarters Aug. 3, 2023. (Damon Scott)

Longtime Seminole Tribe employee Tena Granit has retired after more than 23 years of service. Her latest post was as executive director of finance for the Seminole Tribe of Florida Inc. (STOFI). The tribe hosted a retirement luncheon for Granit at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Aug. 3.

Granit held four positions at the tribe, starting as a staff accountant on the governmental side in April 2000. She was also the accounting manager for economic development at STOFI and later its financial controller. Granit would begin a seven and a half year stint as executive director of finance in January 2016.

Granit earned a degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business from Florida Atlantic University. She’s also a certified public accountant (CPA).

The Tribune asked Granit more about her experience at the tribe, including what’s next. Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

Tribune: How did the tribe get on your radar in the first place?

Granit: While I was finishing my college education, I worked for the audit firm that handled the tribe’s audit. When I graduated, I went on to work for a larger audit firm and then for Franklin Templeton. While I was at Franklin Templeton, I heard about an opening for an accountant position at the tribe. I knew what a great employer they were, so I applied.

Tribune: Are you from Florida?

Granit: I was born and raised in South Florida, Miramar to be exact. I am the youngest of four children, the only daughter, and was the first to receive a college degree. I am married and have a son who is 17 and a daughter who is 14.

Tribune: How would you describe the work you did with the STOFI and why is it important?

Granit: STOFI has over 4,000 shareholders (tribal members). Every year, it has a shareholder meeting in which it provides a financial report. The goal is to provide the shareholders with information to assess how their corporation is performing.

The goal of the STOFI team is to increase shareholder value each year. This is accomplished by growing the businesses net income year after year. That can be through increasing revenues, reducing costs, business growth through acquisitions, and/or removing businesses that are operating at a loss.

In the last seven and a half years as the executive director of finance, STOFI has grown its net position* by 382%. I am proud to have been a part of that.

Tribune: What’s your assessment of STOFI now that you’re leaving?

Granit: STOFI is in a prime position to accelerate its growth over the next several years.

Tribune: Is there anything else you’d like to say to the tribal community?

Granit: After 23 and a half years, it is hard to say goodbye. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have served both the Seminole Tribe of Florida and STOFI. I met so many amazing people during my time here. Some of them became like family to me.

I will thoroughly miss working for STOFI. I will miss coworkers, staff, and the shareholders whom I have proudly served all these years. With that being said, my children are now teenagers and I feel it is critical to dedicate more of my time to them.

*Editor’s note: Net position is the difference between assets and liabilities.

At the retirement luncheon, from left to right are Hollywood Board Rep. Christine McCall, Big Cypress Board Rep. Nadine Bowers, Granit, and Brighton Board Rep. Bryan Arledge. (Calvin Tiger)
Granit, left, is joined at the retirement luncheon by Rafael Sanchez Sr., STOFI’s Immokalee liaison. (Calvin Tiger)
STOFI board members, staff and others came to the retirement luncheon. (Calvin Tiger)
The tribe hosted the retirement luncheon for Granit. (Calvin Tiger)
Granit, third from left, is joined by STOFI staff members and Big Cypress Board Rep. Nadine Bowers, at far right, during the retirement luncheon. (Calvin Tiger)
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