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“Inside Genocide”

I can remember when it was all of us, our unity’s what made us and now it’s a must, we gave from our hearts we had our tribal pride, each clan gave love and for us was down to ride.

Respect was our Creed with loyalty and trust. Now we crest new addiction with the white man’s lust. This is no longer a war it’s a Genocide. They’re slowly tearing us apart, this is my war cry.

These tears that I write come deep from the soul, hurt by the pain heart growing cold. A culture so rich slowly losing its life, Seminole brothers and sisters please open your eyes!

Because times is a ticken and we’re almost there, I can hear them demons whisper and they aren’t fighting fair. Corruption and lies and now we talken deception, wake up my Native people, cause this is more than a lesson.

From within they win so let’s separate the fake, let’s recapture who we are and dehead this snake. Because the great Creator’s watching firelight stomping and for us it’s worth the fight.

This is my Native pride until the day that I die, a Panther Clan representative exposing their lies. When a Warrior speaks that Warriors die, so before I take my last let me unmask their disguise.

Let’s look beyond the picture and see the truth, there’s been too many lies spoken, let’s save our youth. We can’t forget who we are, and where come from, our ancestors are looking down through the Eye of the sun.

History we are from the past and presence, I can’t sit back and let my Tribe make that final exit. We got to stand up and unite and let our light shine, or give in to their Genocide and get lost in time.

I emerged from the smoke of the peace pipe, I was born a Seminole, this is my Rez life. Unconquered my mind frame no matter what you say it’s time to unite and let them know that we ain’t going away.

This is my Rez life born a sacrifice da end is near this is my war cry. There tears I had hide this pain I can’t hold at times I just want 2 let go, it’s in our blood 2 stand up an fight let’s take our Native pride 2 a new height, warrior by birth leader by choice this our Native rights.