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Happy Birthday, Mariyah Lee

Mariyah Lee, mommy wants to say how blessed I truly am on this day 09/16, my 1st princess was born.

Mommy loves you so much. I am so grateful to be here alive to see you grow and how much you make me and mama so proud.

You’re so smart and outgoing, crazy, funny, spoiled, diva, and that attitude, but most of all you a loving and caring Mya.

Mommy and Mama will always be here to the end, princess, and no matter how much you grow you will always be our lil princess.

I hope you enjoy your special day and may all your little wishes come true. Happy 9th Birthday! “Mya, Booboo.”

We love you Mommy, Teddy, Aaliyah, Jazzlynn, Baby j.; Grandmothers: Belen, Guadalupe, Barbara, Nancy, Claudia; Grandfathers: Alfredo, Felix, Encarnacion, Joe; Uncles: Joe, Alfredo Jr. Daniel; Aunts: Lillie, Alicia, Nina, Brenda, Lory, Samantha, Lez and all your Cuzins. Family: Martinez/Alvarado/Garza/Faz.