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Poem: Eeche Poo Te Chach Cha Lee Wah Waache

Jennie Billie Harjo is on the left.


Eeche Poo Te Chach Cha Lee Wah Waache


Until my time comes,

as you begin your next journey do not worry about your youngest warrior son.


I have been through this before yet this is the ultimate test of time,

Aawaache is the greatest with pure love and pure strength that’s one of a kind.


Waache that same strength I have too,

It was given to me by Amposhe & you.


Shonaabish for the many blessings you give,

The memories I will cherish for as long as I live.


For forty-five plus years I received unconditional love that cannot be replaced,

The truth is right now I feel all alone in space.


Waache remember I would always say they can put me on the moon and I’ll be all right?

That hasn’t changed in keeping it in positive light.


100 percent unconquered Seminole woman that’s well respected in our Tribe,

I know that continues for the greatest Waache on the other side.


I’m sure Poshe, Big Sis, cousins Sue, Olivia and Poma La Kaathi are happy to see your beautiful face,

Waache I truly look forward to being reunited with you and them in that beautiful place.


Until then I will write poems and talk about you with a smile,

Us going to swap shop, the clock and movies since then we have come many miles.


Each mile has been a true blessing Waache I am thankful and grateful for each one,

Sholoopahthi Bolchuncahga loves you second 2 none.


You are an inspiration to many people in very different ways,

Waache it’s a lasting impression day after day.


Do not worry about Lil Burt he is in great hands,

Your grandson Jr. is going to finish what you started raising him to be a great man.


Just relax and enjoy that journey you are on,

“A Song for Mama” is perfect no one or anything can match this ultimate bond.


Pops asked me to be there for you it’s an honor to do that,

Whatever Waache wanted to do you did because I have your back.


I hold my head high knowing I did everything possible so you can enjoy yourself and have fun,

I love you Waache and I’ll be missing you too second 2 none.


Eeche Poo Te Chach Cha Lee Wah Waache Neh Tah Ke Hetho,

Ah Ha Ya Kee Everyday Jennie Billie Harjo.


Always my pride and joy,

I love you Waache.



Warrior 4 Life

Ike T. Harjo

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