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Photos: Mother’s Day 2022

From left, Cierra Baker, Lahna Baker, Kalisa Baker, Margaria Baker and Charlene Baker, far right, celebrate Jaryaca Baker’s next baby at the Brighton Mother’s Day event April 26. (Photo Robert Kippenberger)
Ahnie Jumper celebrates her first Mother’s Day as a mother with her daughter Sawyer, 7 months old, at the Big Cypress Mother’s Day luncheon May 10. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Claudia Doctor shows off a gift of purple flowers at the Mother’s Day luncheon in Big Cypress. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Jennifer Osceola skillfully balances her two grandchildren at the Brighton Mother’s Day event. (Photo Robert Kippenberger)
From left, Gianni Boyce, his mom Tiffany Frank, Hollywood Board Rep. Christine McCall and her mom Wanda Bowers along with Bobbie Lou Billie and Edna Bowers celebrate the Hollywood’s Mother Day event April 26 in a ballroom at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood. (Photo Julia Ritter)
From left, Mitchell Runkles, Rosalie Runkles and Nauthkee Henry celebrate Brighton’s Mother’s Day. (Photo Robert Kippenberger)
From left, Kalgary Johns, Jo Johns, Catinna Tubby, Melissa Gopher-Carter, Dionne Smedley and Clarissa Urbina celebrate Mother’s Day in Brighton. (Photo Robert Kippenberger)
Anahna Sirota picks up a gift from Blake Osceola, from the Hollywood Council’s office, during the Hollywood Mother’s Day raffle. (Photo Julia Ritter)
From left, Garian Dixon, Carson Dixon, Clarissa Jumper, Elgin Jumper and Emery Jumper celebrate Mother’s Day together in Big Cypress. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
From left, Brianna Bowers, Thomlynn Billie, Alice Billie and Tahnia Billie commemorate Mother’s Day together at the Big Cypress celebration. (Photo Beverly Bidney)
Randee Osceola plays bingo as her niece Cher Osceola pays attention to everything but the bingo card in Big Cypress. (Photo Beverly Bidney)