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Photos: Hollywood Preschool celebrates Indian Day

Hollywood Preschool students sit and wait for the Indian Day festivities to begin inside the Classic Gym. (Photo Damon Scott)

HOLLYWOOD — Youngsters from the Hollywood Preschool celebrated Indian Day on Sept. 20 in the Classic Gym on the Hollywood Reservation.

The Hollywood Education Department and Hollywood Community Culture Center staff organized several activities for the preschoolers – including corn pounding, skillet tossing, hatchet throwing, archery, beading and patchwork created out of construction paper.

After everyone had a chance to take part in the activities, the preschoolers gathered in age groups to show off their clothes for the judges who chose a king and queen in each age category. The kids and their families were then treated to lunch.

Natalia was crowned queen of the preschool graduate class. (Photo Damon Scott)
Preparing for archery during the Hollywood Preschool Indian Day event are, from left to right, tribalwide preschool director Thommy Doud, Rowan, Charlie and Hollywood Community Culture Center assistant manager Michael Cantu. (Photo Damon Scott)
Audry sits with teacher’s aide Yuraima Perez during the festivities. (Photo Damon Scott)
Eleanor takes her turn at beading while her mother Kurya helps. (Photo Damon Scott)
Amber prepares to throw a skillet during the skillet toss activity. (Photo Damon Scott)
Aurora creates patchwork with help from Francine Osceola, the Hollywood Community Culture Center manager. (Photo Damon Scott)
Eleanor gets a little help with the corn pounding activity by Madeline Osceola, while Evalysse (second in line) and Kaila wait their turn. (Photo Damon Scott)