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PECS volleyball team shows promise on the court

PECSvolleyball05By Andrea Holata

BRIGHTON — Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School’s girls’ volleyball team continues to gain strength and learn the importance of teamwork.

“We are really coming together as a team –  it’s so nice to see,” said head coach Kim Jackson.  “The thing about our team is we have so much more potential.  We could be so much better than we are right now; that’s very exciting.”

The Lady Seminoles are off to a good start winning games against Moore Haven (25-6, 25-7), Yearling Middle (25-16, 27-25), Everglades City (25-11, 25-10), Osceola (25-15, 25-10) and Glades Day (25-10, 25-8).

On Sept. 19 the Lady Seminoles defeated their rivals the Yearling Middle School Bulls (25-16, 27-25). Leading the team was Aleina Micco who had five aces, or serves the opponent can’t return, and Raeley Matthews with 10 kills, or points off a spike.

Team member Sunni Bearden said she enjoys playing teams on their home court, but she hopes to win against Yearling on their court as well.

“It’s fantastic (to play Yearling); it’s so wild,”  Bearden said. “We are always ready to play them but we are going to try our best to beat them on their home court, too.”

Jackson said the team has some things they need to improve but that they work well together overall.

“We are really a close-knit team; we really don’t have any conflicts,” Jackson said. “They are learning how to rely on each other and know that someone else is going to be behind them.  They are learning trust and reliability.”

This year’s roster includes Sunni Bearden, Camryn Thomas, Chynna Villarreal, Cady Osceola, Aleina Micco, Raeley Matthews, Caroline Sweat and Krysta Burton.