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Mr. 300: Arek Jumper bowls perfect game

HOLLYWOOD — Arek Jumper has been bowling for nearly as long as he has been walking.

The 20-year old, who grew up on the Hollywood Reservation, bowls in area leagues at least four nights a week.

Until Nov. 19, 2019, he had never reached the pinnacle of every bowler’s desire: a 300 game. The closest he came was 299. But everything changed on that November night at Sparez in Davie.

Arek Jumper, 20, stands next to the display that honors his perfect 300 game that he bowled on Nov. 19, 2019. The display is in the lobby of the Howard Tiger Recreation Center in Hollywood. (Photo Kevin Johnson)

Bowling in the Cosmopolitan Mixed League, Jumper rolled a perfect 300. As he drew closer to that magical number, more people started watching him.

“Everybody was cheering for me,” said Jumper, who used a Storm ball.

He remained focused with each passing frame.

“I had all strikes. I was like, ‘You just got to finish it out and get your 300.’”

His final strike was clean as he showed he could handle the pressure.

“It was a good shot. I threw it all the way out, it came back and struck,” he said.

This is the scoresheet from Arek Jumper’s 300 game. (Photo Kevin Johnson)

Jumper said the evening was made even more special because he hit the magical mark while playing on a team with his grandfather David Jumper and his uncle Randy Jackson.

The 300-game came after Arek Jumper started the night with a 168 followed by a 227.

To honor the perfect game, Hollywood Recreation site manager Joe Collins put up a display in a glass trophy case in the lobby of the Howard Tiger Recreation Center.

The display features the scoresheet from the 300 game, a ‘300 Game Award’ bowling pin and a photo of Jumper with the pin.

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