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Living the ACD experience: Smooth transition to Business Marketing

As mentioned in my previous Advanced Career Development columns, I strongly considered working for the Hard Rock’s management trainee program. Ultimately, I opted to work for the Tribal government because of a more favorable work schedule for myself. Working within this program has continued to teach me the importance of balancing work and professional life. Although it can be challenging at times, my wife Marceline makes it more manageable due to her support and sacrifices. She understands the high level of commitment I have toward working for the Tribe. Had it not been for her, my work experience would have been drastically different.

According to the required two-year plan, I anticipate completing the ACD program by the end of 2017. I initially had a vague idea of the career path I wanted to take prior to working for the Tribe. But I always knew that I wanted to have some sort of an impact with whatever that would eventually be. I feel that I am truly accomplishing that in the ACD program. Working in Seminole Media Productions has given me opportunities to network with many people with diverse perspectives, continue to mold into a professional, and learn more about our triumphs and shortcomings as a Tribe.

I have attended about six concerts and never thought about what it takes to put them and similar events together until I recently began working in Production, a division within Business Marketing. In Production, the staff provides services for events at the casinos such as lighting, stage design and audio. A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes unnoticed.

In contrast to The Seminole Tribune and Broadcasting (SMP’s other departments), Business Marketing generates a substantial amount of revenue while the others are mainly serviced-based by design. Concerts, celebrities, marketing, casinos and bright lights are what originally sparked my interest with the department. For five more months, I will continue to work within Business Marketing’s four divisions.

My new boss, Business Marketing manager Tiffany Marquez, has been more than willing to mentor me and assign me to lead projects despite my being in the department for less than a month. It is rewarding to see how each unit within the departments in SMP has been a stepping stone for me. Each experience has prepared me for the next one.

Aaron Tommie is a participant in the Tribe’s Advanced Career Development program. He is currently working for the Business Marketing Department in Seminole Media Productions.


Aaron Tommie
Aaron has worked for the Tribe since 2015. He is inspired by people who are selfless, humble, and motivated. His family is the most important aspect of his life and is a die hard fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. He came to work for the Tribe to show his appreciation to his ancestors for the blessings Tribal citizens receive based on their foresight and the sacrifices they made. He loves mysteries and conspiracy theories and is a huge on a great story line or plot in something that is supposed to entertain him.