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Drayton Billie completes first season of high school football

Drayton 1By Emma Johns

BRIGHTON — Drayton Billie, a freshman at Okeechobee High School, has high aspirations for his future as an athlete with plans to play football at the collegiate level.

Billie, of Brighton, recently completed his first season of high school football as both a running back and a cornerback.

“Football is my favorite sport,” he said. “I love and play many sports, including wrestling, baseball and basketball, but football is my favorite.”

Billie’s love for the sport began while playing flag football as a child and has carried him through his freshman year with success. This year he had 49 rushes for 194 yards, an average of 4 yards per carry. He said he has scouts looking in his direction.

Billie gives credit to his father, Emerson Billie, for always being his biggest influence.

“My dad always pushes me to do my best and be the best at everything I do,” he said.

Billie also strives to honor the memory of his late younger brother, J-Wayco, who always looked up to his older brother and loved to travel along to all his sporting events.

“He is still with me, motivating me today,” Billie said.

He said he loves being part of a loving and supportive family, including his father, mother, Jeannie Billie, four brothers and two sisters.

With the football season’s end, Billie has moved on to wrestling but works hard each day to stay in shape for all sports. His love for football motivates him in the classroom, too.

“Football helps keep me in shape and mentally helps me stay focused in school,” he said.