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Dr. Irina Beyder named director of Center for Behavioral Health

Dr. Irina Beyder

From CBH

HOLLYWOOD — Dr. Irina Beyder is the new director of the Center for Behavioral Health (CBH).

For more than 20 years, Beyder has dedicated her career to making a difference in the lives of individuals struggling with mental and behavioral health challenges. She has led behavioral health organizations and developed innovative health care programs. Her passion is to ensure that individuals receive care that is of high quality, effective, culturally sensitive and person-centered.

Beyder earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Master of Science degree in marriage and family therapy, Ph.D in family studies and public health with specialization in program management, business administration and policy development, and Master of Business Administration with a concentration on data driven decision making.

Over the years, her professional journey has taken her from directing outpatient mental health start-ups, behavioral health treatment facilities, and hospital operations to leading large government agencies.

Beyder grew up in the Ukraine and came to the United States when she was 17. Education became the means by which she was able to explore her interests and develop her abilities in mental/behavioral health. She was fortunate to have a wide range of experiences that allowed her to give back to the communities that she had served.

Beyder passionately believes that everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy a healthy life and to receive the care that they may need to achieve their full potential. She is excited that her journey in pursuing this belief has brought her to the Seminole Tribe of Florida. She is looking forward to leading the team of dedicated, skilled, and highly talented professionals who are eager to provide a healing experience to the tribal members.

Under Beyder’s leadership, the CBH team will continue to grow and develop effective therapeutic skills, including cultural sensitivity and trauma informed certification, to meet the needs of the community. We will start offering a variety of educational and support groups that address issues and topics that are important to the community. We know that due to the pandemic, the entire country is hurting. Throughout the United States and all over the world, individuals are experiencing increased number of mental health issues, substance use, and suicidal ideations. We are here to serve all of the tribal members and their descendants. We want to hear from all of you on what CBH can do to meet your needs and provide support to help you get through these difficult times. Our staff will be reaching out to the members of the community to offer support wherever and whenever it is needed.

Beyder is excited to meet as many of the tribal members as possible. Please feel free to email her at or call the office at (954) 962-2009 ext. 14372 to say hello and provide feedback.