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Congratulations, Class of 2018

The Class of 2018 has made it known that they are destined for greatness. This year’s graduating class is filled with future doctors, artists, educators and entrepreneurs who are ready to broaden their horizons and dive full-force into taking their industries by storm.

The Seminole Tribune wishes the Class of 2018 the best of luck in their future endeavors.

In memoriam of Jon Jimmie

Jon Jimmie would have graduated with his class at Immokalee High School on May 25, but he passed away in February. This letter from his mother Elsa Zamora, on behalf of the entire family, including father Jonnie Jimmie and their son and daughters, is a loving tribute to him. Jon would have turned 19 on June 15. 

To my son Jon,

Congratulations, you finally graduated. Son, I am so proud of you. Having you here with us for 18 years was a blessing from God. Although we miss your smile, along with your laughter and hugs, you left us with beautiful memories. These photos remind us of how handsome you looked, but you were also a gentleman with a kind heart who often helped others. Fishing and basketball may be your sports, but I was told that every time we hear thunder it is you playing basketball.

Happy Birthday my little Native son Jon Jimmie. We love you and miss you.

Not pictured:

Anissa Billie (Pen Foster), Anthony Billie (Glenpool High School), Claireese Avila-Billie (Riverside Indian School), Lanie Baker (The Vanguard School), Kyler Bell (Paladin Academy), Asiana Briana Billie (American Heritage), Cartaya Billie (Labelle High School), Brian Bishop (Okeechobee High School), Dasani Cypress (NSU University School), Jason Cypress (GED), Kasera Cypress (Hollywood Hills), Bly Davidson (Okeechobee High School), Jon Davis (GED), Howie Drake (American Heritage), Marquis Fudge (Okeechobee High School), Kaitlynn Gorney (NSU University School), Annie Cypress Joe (The Sagemont School), Cecil Johns (Homeschool), Arek Jumper (Hollywood Hills), Bradley Latchford (NSU University School), Spawn Loudermilk (Okeechobee High School), Jared McInturff (The Sagemont School), Alyssa Osceola (Florida Virtual School), Chahechom Osceola (American Heritage), Davena Osceola (Miccosukee Indian School), Drew Osceola (Know It All Prep School), Isaac Osceola (Liberty Christian Prep), Joseph Osceola (Liberty Christian Prep), Kailani Osceola (Miccosukee Indian School), Shae Pierce (Glades County homeschool), Donavin Spiva (Hollywood Christian School), Hunter Strickland (Okeechobee High School), Mason Sweat (Okeechobee High School), Maurice Tyler (GED), Ross Zepeda (St. John Neumann High School)


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