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Bradley Osceola Latchford builds future in athletic training

Bradley Osceola Latchford, right, works with fellow FSU student athletic trainers Connor Brown, left,
and Kailey Herrholz for a Seminoles football game at Clemson University in 2021. (Courtesy photo)

Sports and athletic training have been a part of Bradley Osceola Latchford’s experience for most of his years in school. He played football as a junior and senior at the NSU University School in Davie – where he graduated – and he was an intern in athletic training at Florida State University in Tallahassee. He’s due to graduate with a degree in athletic training at FSU on April 30.

But the 21-year-old member of the Seminole Tribe won’t rest on those accomplishments for long. Latchford will begin a master’s degree program in athletic training in May at the University of Central
Florida in Orlando.

“Over the last four years, we have watched him navigate the workload of classes while embracing the challenges of everyday life,” mother Amy Osceola Latchford said. “We are so proud of the legacy Bradley is creating while doing something that he loves.”

Latchford is the second oldest of four boys. There’s older brother Brady and younger brothers Brendan and Braden.

“Bradley has pushed himself to not only maximize his academic studies, but he has chosen a career path that provides a purpose and service to others,” father Will Latchford, the head of Public Safety for the tribe, said. “What makes him special is he thinks of others before himself. As his parents, we enjoy watching him live out his goals and dreams.”

While older brother Brady followed in his father’s footsteps toward a career in law enforcement, Latchford said he never felt the pressure to follow suit.

“[Our father] really pushed us to do what really makes us happy and what we’re passionate about,” Latchford said. “But it’s cool to see my brother get into law enforcement.”

Injury, opportunity

Latchford said it was a football injury that helped to shape his academic and career goals.

“In my senior year of high school I injured my shoulder and was out for two weeks – I couldn’t play,” Latchford said. “During that time period I got an introduction into athletic training.”

Latchford said during his rehabilitation he assisted the athletic trainers at the NSU University School during spring football – setting up ice and water stations and helping to access injuries that happened in practice.

At FSU, he was accepted into the athletic training program, which is considered a competitive one. Latchford said that out of about 120 in his class who applied he was one of about 30 who were accepted.

“Your junior year you’re assigned with a random sport and your senior year you can choose,” Latchford said. “My first fall semester I got football and then from there I worked with the men’s and women’s swim and dive teams.”

This past fall, Latchford had an opportunity to travel with the FSU football team for all its away games.

“I got to see the away game preparation versus home game preparation from the sports medicine side,” he said. “You prepare a week before you leave for the game and help with treatments, rehabilitations, and are in charge of setting up the sideline with all the medical equipment.”

Latchford attended games at the University of Notre Dame, University of North Carolina, Wake Forest University, Boston College and Clemson University.

He’ll continue to focus on football during his two-year master’s program at UCF. He’s got a longer-term goal, too.

“I plan on getting an internship with an NFL team,” Latchford said. “I have connections with the [Atlanta] Falcons and the [Miami] Dolphins programs – but it will most likely be with the Falcons.”

Latchford said he’s stayed in touch with his Falcons contact, and the idea of gaining experience outside of Florida is appealing as well.

“Just more so since I’ve been in South Florida most of my life,” he said. “It’ll be a different and cool experience.”

Bradley Osceola Latchford is set to graduate from FSU on April 30. (Courtesy photo)
Damon Scott
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