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Big Cypress Indian Day


Indian Day started with canoe races on the Big Cypress Reservation. Two contestants tipped their canoe over in a practice run. All other canoers managed to stay dry during the event. Everyone has a good time on the water.

As the day moved along, more people began to partake in the festivities. Lunch was provided by the We Do Recover team. Hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on the grill were popular items.

A few Tribal elders set up a cultural demonstration on how to prepare turtle soup.

Activities also included hatchet throwing and archery for both men and women.

– Derrick Tiger

Markus Thomson and Gregory Carter go for an unexpected swim Sept. 27 in the Indian Day canoe race on the Big Cypress Reservation. (Photo Derrick Tiger)
Julius Billie and Clinton Billie row their canoe as fast as they can. (Photo Derrick Tiger)
Darla Cypress and Cathy Jumper have a good time in the Big Cypress Indian Day canoe race. (Photo Derrick Tiger)
Ricky Doctor preps a turtle for a cultural demonstration. (Photo Derrick Tiger)
Isaiah Billie competes in the hatchet throwing contest. (Photo Derrick Tiger)
BC’s Indian Day offered a variety of events and contests. (Photo Derrick Tiger)


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