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Bailey Marie Osceola Latchford heads to FSU

Latchford (front row, holding baby) is joined by members of her family after high school graduation ceremonies on the campus of Nova Southeastern University in Davie. (Courtesy photo)

The fourth member of the Osceola-Latchford family – Bailey Marie Osceola Latchford – is headed to Florida State University in Tallahassee to take the next steps in her formal education. Latchford is following in the footsteps of her three older brothers who also went to FSU. Two of the brothers (Brady and Bradley) have already earned their undergraduate degrees and one (Brenden) is still enrolled at the school.

Latchford graduated from the NSU University School in May. She intends to pursue a degree in criminology with a minor in psychology at FSU.

“Growing up, I thought I’d go into criminology, or music and criminology. In high school I took psychology as a filler class and I surprisingly really enjoyed it,” Latchford said. “I like seeing how the brain works and applying it in real life. That’s how the two mix. I find the mind a very interesting thing, especially when it comes to crime-related things.”

Latchford said she’s been a singer for as long as she can remember – and doesn’t plan to give it up at FSU. Beginning as a youngster, she sang in many pageants and concerts.

“Moving on to middle and high school I took it more seriously,” she said. “My junior and senior years were probably the most I’ve ever done music-wise.”

Latchford was part of the Florida Vocal Association’s All-State Choruses, which are considered a select group of choral students from middle/junior high and senior high schools who come together to rehearse and perform with guest conductors. She said she’s been involved in music collectives and music honor societies throughout her tenure at NSU University School.

“I can’t live without it,” Latchford said. “I’ve made a few friends at FSU through group chats and we’re planning on getting together and writing songs or jamming out.”

Latchford (Damon Scott)

Her favorite musical genres are R&B and alternative. Recently, she’s been listening to Cleo Sol, Jhené Aiko and Sade. Some of her standby favorites are the Foo Fighters and Rhianna.

“Bailey’s journey has been one of boundless joy and discovery; embracing life with a compassionate heart and a voice that brings indescribable warmth to all who hear it,” her father, Will Latchford, said.

While she’ll join the growing list of family members choosing FSU, Latchford said at first she thought she’d go to a school outside of the Sunshine State.

“I wanted to go out of state or possibly even abroad. I don’t know what it was exactly, but when the acceptance letters were coming (from other schools) I couldn’t decide,” she said. “When I got my FSU acceptance, I knew I’d go there. I felt nervous in my heart when I opened it. I didn’t feel like that when I opened the other ones. My parents got what they wanted and we’re all happy in the end.”

Latchford, 18, is scheduled to start orientation on June 17 and begin classes June 22. “Our family is so proud of Bailey and all her hard work and accomplishments,” her mother, Amy Osceola Latchford, said. “Whether it was watching her sing and perform at school or other events, or watching her put her heart into her schoolwork and school projects – we can’t wait to see what challenges she takes head on to achieve her goals.”

Damon Scott
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