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Back in the saddle again

Mitchell CypressFirst of all, I would like to go ahead and thank everybody who gave me support for my return back to politics. Also I would like to congratulate all the seniors who graduated this year from school and remind them that no matter what field they choose, Seminole Tribe and Seminole Tribe, Inc. will support them.

Seminole Tribal Council and the Board of Directors will be working together in support of each other and try to improve service, as well as continue seeking other revenues besides the casino. This way, if something negative ever happens in Tallahassee regarding our gaming, we will have other revenues to fall back on and to continue the businesses and policies that have been working so well.

Our enterprises will be diversified to support the direction we are headed and the comfort and lifestyle that we are accustomed to. This office will have an open door policy for anyone with a new idea, problem or other issue that can benefit from the Board and the President’s attention. In fact, the Board is always looking to support Tribal members who want to go into business and if there is a way the Board, and especially the President’s office, can help make that happen, we will be here if you need us.

During my many years in office, I have witnessed an astounding increase in Seminole high school graduates and Seminoles attending college. Nothing can convince me more that we are on the right track for our next generation. You may notice a certain percentage return to work for the Tribe but not a whole lot. That is really by policy, especially from the Chairman’s Office. His policy has been go to school, get educated, go to work on the outside, get experience and then come back to work for us.

Sometimes just the book knowledge is not enough to really be successful. We need that work experience from you as well. Then when you come back to the Tribe, you will have what it takes to make this place better for all of us. I do support that policy.

Nowadays, instead of just the high school diploma, we even have college graduates. There was a time, not that long ago, where college graduates were mighty hard to find around Seminole Country. Now we have them coming back with degrees. They are not necessarily looking for a handout. They are wanting to go to work. To earn it. And that is good.

The Board will continue to promote the enterprises that they have already started and developed into revenue streams. But the people need to know that I am willing to listen and try to figure out how the President’s office and Board can make it happen for anyone with an idea or dream involving economic development. A lot of things have changed even from just four years ago, especially in agriculture. Take a look at our cattle program!

The bottom line is we are looking forward to continue moving upward, while improving our service to the members of the Seminole Tribe.


Mitchell Cypress is President of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.