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Awards, praise doled out to top-performing students

BRIGHTON — Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School staff spent April 6 recognizing students for achievements during the last nine-week academic period.

“This is our chance to reward students for their hard work in class,” said principal Brian Greseth.

Students earned certificates for overall grades and for improvement and effort in Seminole history and Creek language classes. Greseth emphasized the importance of learning Creek to earn high school credits that satisfy the Florida Course Code requirement. Students must earn two credits of a foreign language before admission to all Florida state colleges and universities.

Creek was added to the Florida Course Code in October.

“[Now], all the state universities will accept Creek,” Greseth said. “We’ve come a long way.”

Students were also acknowledged for improvements in physical education. P.E. teacher Chris Goodwin presented students with awards. The awards included basketballs for reducing their body fat percentages and improving their times in the 1-mile challenge.