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World debut of ‘Unconquered’ musical piece coming to Hard Rock Live

Classical composer and pianist Havasi, shown here in front of the Guitar Hotel, will perform at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood on Oct. 23, 2021. (Courtesy image)

HOLLYWOOD – A musical piece inspired by the Seminole Tribe’s history will make its world debut Oct. 23 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood’s Hard Rock Live.

Contemporary composer and classically trained virtuoso pianist Balázs Havasi created “Unconquered.” He will perform it during his symphonic concert at 8 p.m. The concert is sold out, according to Hard Rock’s website.

While working with Redline Media Group on the concert, Havasi and his team learned the background of the tribe’s history from tribal member S.R. Tommie, who is Redline’s founder and president.

“I shared the history behind the reason the Seminole Tribe of Florida are called the ‘Unconquered People’ with Havasi,” Tommie said in a statement. “We talked about the adversity faced by the Seminoles – the decades of conflict with the European settlers who wanted to take Seminole lands, the wars and attempts at forced relocation by the U.S. Army in the 19th century. And through it all, the Seminole Tribe of Florida never surrendered, and never signed a peace treaty. They refused to forfeit their self-determination.”

The Seminole story of overcoming adversity inspired Havasi –  whose own country battled for its freedom –  to create “Unconquered.”

“I am a native-born Hungarian,” Havasi said in a statement. “And what is amazing that two different individuals— Tommie and myself—from completely different parts of the globe—could relate to the same story in such a strong way. We Hungarians have had to overcome adversity, too. And I found the Seminole history resonating with me as I considered that the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 — our fight for independence against Soviet-imposed policies — was happening at almost the same time as the Seminole Tribe was finally being formally recognized by the United States government.”

“Unconquered” pays homage to the tribe in three areas: tranquility to mark the tribe’s peaceful times, turmoil that represents its periods of facing adversity, and triumph for what it has become today. The tribe has been a pioneer in the development and expansion of gaming and entertainment in Indian Country and beyond. It owns Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming as well as other businesses and real estate properties.

The show will feature 100% original composed works by Havasi. It will also include a “Battle of the Instruments” between Havasi and rock drummer Endi.