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STOF Health Department needs current addresses

The STOF Health Department will be mailing new Tribal Health Plan cards and books to Members early this summer. Please contact the Health Department now to update your address to ensure that you receive these important materials.

A new Health Plan card is needed to:

• Show to healthcare providers before receiving services

• Ensure timely payment of medical/dental bills

• Fill prescription medications

Immokalee Health Clinic

1120 South 1st Street

Immokalee, FL 34142


Brighton Health Clinic, Tampa and Fort Pierce Reservation

17201 Civic Street

Okeechobee, FL 34974


Hollywood Health Clinic

3006 Josie Billie Avenue

Hollywood, FL 33024


Big Cypress Health Clinic

31055 Josie Billie Hwy.

Clewiston, FL 33440